Spoiler Report: America's 'First' Weed Editor, Weed LIes, More

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Traditional Media's First Weed Editor Talks Life on the Weed Beat
The Cannabist editor-in-chief Richard Baca describes the birth of the country's first mainstream pot publication and what it's like to write about weed. Baca and his staff are the subject of Rolling Papers, a documentary released earlier in 2016. [GOOD magazine]

Here Is the Latest Myth About Legal Weed
False claims tie legal weed to a rise in crime in Denver, Colorado. Haters on the legal leaf purportedly cite a "4 percent increase in 'misconduct' over the past four years as measured by the the National Incident Based Reporting System." But "a 2014 University of Texas study concluded that legalizing weed may lead to reduced violent crime. We can only assume the Texas study did not take into account crimes committed against tacos, post-cannabis-enjoyment. [attn]

What Is Next for Legal Marijuana in the Land Down Under?
Australia's Narcotic Drugs Amendment 2016 legalized the cultivation and distribution of medical cannabis, but it will reportedly be "at least one year," or otherwise a fat minute, before the herb is on shelves at shops, being smoked by patients. [VICE]

Former NFL Player Ricky Williams Makes a Splash at Texas Cannabis Convention
Let those words sink in: Texas. Cannabis. Convention. Legal weed is here, people. Well, it wasn't technically even at the convention. But, the idea has been planted. The actual seeds are next. Texas's last winner of the Heisman Trophy was joined by other former NFL players on stage as they informed the Texas audience on the medical and social benefits of cannabis. [Sports Day]

Cops in New York Steal $1M Worth of Weed
Well, they call it "seizing." According to Gothamist: "Three men have been arrested after cops seized 300 pounds of marijuana that was delivered to a West Village residence [Sunday.]" Apparently some of the weed was in a crate labeled "art," and the rest in another labeled, "auto parts." Not sly enough for New York's finest. [Gothamist]

These Moms Have a Weed-Smoking Club and Educate Their Children On The Plant
This week in responsible parenting: January Jones––a mother who relieves her stress with cannabis and reads about it to her child. Like, we're not even being facetious. Parents should educate their children on such matters. D.A.R.E. apparently can't. [Mirror]

Presidential candidate and old white dude whose name inspired the pun du jour, Bernie Sanders, now has a marijuana pipe named after him. Is "Feeling the Bern" via this pipe a chill way to make a political statement? Or is any weed-related purchase named after a politician just no chill on principle alone? VOTE NOW: