SPOILER REPORT: Girl Scouts Rule, Medicated Gelato Rules, More

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Girl Scouts of America Will Probably Rule the World Someday
Until then, the enterprising young women continue to sell their unwaveringly delicious cookies outside of marijuana dispensaries. [Oregon Live]

Colorado Cannabis Cup Moves to Pueblo
After Adams County said "No chill," 
High Times Cannabis Cup, the largest celebration of weed culture on the planet, filed an application to move the event to Pueblo, Colorado, for the April festival. [Cannabist]

Wyoming Hates Edibles Though
The state whose drug laws are on the opposite end of the chill spectrum is trying to ban the tasty morsels that get us stoned. According to local news, a bill making its way through the Wyoming state senate would make "more than 3 ounces of marijuana edibles a felony."[Casper Star Tribune]

Cannabis Creme Gelato Is Italy's Answer to Cannabis Activism
Word on the street (and Internet) is that the small, coastal Italian village of Alassio is churning out medicated gelato. Of course, it's called “Marley," and is said to be delicious, and also represents a sweet and not-so-silent show of support for marijuana legalization. [MUNCHIES]

It's Hard Out There for Weed Businesses in Detroit
According to the BBC: "New legislation in the city of Detroit prevents medical marijuana dispensaries from being within 1,000ft (305m) of schools, churches, off licences, strip clubs or other dispensaries." According to KIND contributor Lindsay MaHarry, "since the state’s blurry decriminalization of marijuana in 2012, the number of dispensaries has ballooned from a handful to a staggering 150, roughly one for every square mile of the city." [BBC]