Spoiler Report: IndiaMart Ecstasy, Taylor Swift Gave Ke$ha $250K, More

And dispensaries in California wash their money.

People Are Selling Meth and Ecstasy on IndiaMART
Drug dealers are using the world's second largest online wholesale marketplace, which looks and works a lot like Amazon, to sell their products. Taking a page straight out of Silk Road's book, vendors are straight up just listing what they're selling, which includes methamphetamine, ecstasy, and "bath salts." [Global Post]

California Dispensaries Are Washing Their Weed  Money
Like, not laundering it. Actually washing it. Because it smells like weed. Which is a cash-only business. Dispensaries around the state paid taxes earlier in February on "cash day"––bringing their stinky money to the Board of Equalization's tax collection office in Sacramento. [Civilized]

Can a Weed Conviction Kill My Chances of Receiving College Aid?
Unfortunately, yes. For now. Because weed is still a Schedule 1 Drug, according to the federal government. But the KIND's resident weed lawyer senses good news on the horizon. [The KIND]

Taylor Swift Donates $250K to Ke$ha 
Swift donated a quarter of a million dollars to her homegirl Ke$ha––who recently lost a court case in New York. Ke$ha filed to be released from her recording contract with producer Dr. Luke. Ke$ha, who alleges she was drugged and raped by Luke, is contractually obligated to continue to work around him. [Billboard]

Washington State Wants to Legalize Passin the Dutchie to Your Left-Hand-Side
Because sharing cannabis in Washington is currently not legal. A bill is making its way through the state legislature that would make sharing up to a half-ounce of nugs totally chill. [SeattlePi]

Your Bong Water Will Never Be the Same
"Smoke Screen" looks like bath salts (the good kind, for your bath, not the designer drugs). You pour it into your bong water. Its creators claim the foamy product filters out tar and carcinogens found in cannabis smoke, better than water ever could on its own. [Leafly]