Spoiler Report: Legal Weed Is Like File-Sharing, More

And no more pot drive-thrus in Portland.

The Parallels Between Legal Weed and Web File-Sharing Run Deep
When Napster (and its predecessors) hit the scene in the early days of file-sharing, politicians scrambled to keep up with technology. Some industries feared destruction while others were only being conceived. "
The pattern here is that while the delusion and the disconnect remains active, punishments become increasingly harsher as policymakers desperately try to align the terrain with the map in their delusional heads." [Torrent Freak]

Seattle Run to De-Stigmatize Weed Stereotypes Canceled for Fear of Public Smoking
A 5K planned for early March 2016 was canceled because organizers feared that a post-run pot fest would ensue. The people behind the run, who stereotyped the people they claimed to defend, are out thousands of bucks and the general public still sees marijuana as the elusive menace it truly is. (JK, bruh, weed is tight!) [Seattle Times]

Cannabis Could Be Useful in Treating Alzheimer's
According to a 2016 study, Israeli researchers explored the use of THC via medical cannabis oil in treating one of humanity's worst ailments. [Whaxy]

No More Pot Drive-Thrus in Portland
The Portland city council voted earlier this month not to allow legal pot retailers to serve customers utilizing an efficient, convenient model of operation popularized by fast-food restaurants. [Oregon Live]

How to Flush Your System of Weed
From fluids to tablets to dilution and detox drinks––it doesn't matter what you use, science will always (or for at least 100 days after your last session) know that you smoke weed. [The Cannabist]

This Is How Drug Dealers Keep Their Careers a Secret
From faked photos at a fictional job to packing the monitor and speakers of a Gateway computer with gateway drugs, this is how dealers kept their job on the down low. [VICE]

When Will The NFL Re-Think It's Policy on Pot?
The players wonder. One pro told CNN of working in the league, "Your job automatically gives you the symptom of chronic pain," which is currently managed with opioids or other pill medications. Meanwhile, despite a risk of punishment, more and more players are seeking solace in pot. [CNN]

In other news, this guy got so high, he rolled his dog into a cute little blunt