Spoiler Report: Monkey Mind Control, How Ambien Works, More

Tampa City Council also voted to be more chill about weed.

Weed Decreases Ability to Empathize, Could Be Used to Treat Autism
According to a report in scientific journal PLOS ONE, cannabis shows signs of potentially treating autism. From Broadly: “Researchers at the University of Colorado, who studied the effects of cannabis on emotion processing, found that people who smoke weed displayed a stronger response to negative emotions than their herbally sober counterparts and had a lessened ability to empathize.” [PLOS ONE]

Monkeys Control Wheelchairs With Their Minds in the Name of Science
In a study hoping to unearth new means of transportation for paraplegics, monkeys learned how to control wheelchairs using only their minds. According to the Los Angeles Times: “The resulting data—the repeated electrical signals of a monkey wishing to capture a treat—allowed scientists to demonstrate a way to restore mobility to the wholly paralyzed and locked in.” [Los Angeles Times]

Here Is How Ambien Works
An illustrated and in-depth breakdown of how the prescription hypnotic works, and what differentiates it from Xanax and Valium. [Van Wrinkles]

Cannabis Startups Competed for Funding This Week in Silicon Valley
Aspiring startups looking to enter the legal weed space convened on the Hilton Union Square, in San Francisco, Thursday for the annual “420-Pitch Contest,” part of the Marijuana Investor Summit. Investment Fund Ackrell Capital reportedly predicts the industry will hit $100 billion by 2029, and made some bets on weed businesses at the summit. [SFGate] 

Tampa Bay Council Votes to Soften Pot Penalties
Tampa City Council said small amounts of cannabis are totally chill to possess, voting Thursday for a new law lowering the possession penalty to a civil citation. The 6-1 decision would mean that being caught with up to 20 grams of weed would warrant a $75 fine for the first offense. [Tampa Tribune]

Sheriff’s Deputies in San Francisco Have Been Accused of Running a ‘Fight Club’

According to San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón, who announced charges Tuesday, three Bay Area deputies––men whose salaries are paid by hardworking taxpayers––are accused of forcing inmates at San Francisco county jail to partake in a “gladiator-style fight club” and gamble and do push-ups for food and clean clothes. [VICE]