Spoiler Report: No Cannabis Cup Permit, MDMA Saves Marriages, More

And a billion dollars of meth in bras.

High Times Cannabis Cup Denied Denver Permit
Adams County commissioners said April's High Times Cannabis Cup would be "no chill," denying a permit to the venue Denver Mart. Officials cite the prolific sampling of free weed and wax of the more than 15,000 expected daily attendees and lax safety standards for the denial. [Denver Post]

MDMA Could Save Your Marriage
According to anecdotal claims and research from the 1980s, rolling balls with your significant other can have profound and positive effects on communication issues with the ones we love. MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) is waiting on approval for the use of MDMA in therapy for couples where one half of the duo is experiencing PTSD. [Complex]

Department of Veterans Affairs Pressured to Recommend Medical Pot to Vets
In a letter to VA Secretary Robert McDonald, nearly two dozen lawmakers urge the agency to abandon an out-of-date policy prohibiting VA doctors from recommending medical marijuana to veterans seeking it for use in treatment of PTSD. [The Hill]

Austrailian Authorities Bust Meth Smugglers Hiding It in Bras
Nearly $1 billion worth of liquid methamphetamine was found hidden inside of gel bra inserts in Australia earlier this week. [VICE News]

Virtual Reality Could Help Treat Depression In the Future
A recent study, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry Open, touts VR-based-therapy as a possible way to treat depression in the future. [Huffington Post]