Take a Mini Tour of Brujaria Skateboards

American made, based out of Boyle Heights.

Brujaria Skateboards is a skate company based out of Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, with a knack for witchcraft and fine art. All of their decks are made from American maple and the owner, Patrick Reilly, screenprints all of their apparel himself. He recently invited KINDLAND over to take a look at his lair, a small studio near downtown Los Angeles. Come check it out.

[You can visit the Brujaria site here or follow them on Instagram]

The head bruja himself, Patrick Reilly.

Patrick puts the ink for his shirts in medical IV bags, always on theme with the cheeky macabre. 

In the lab with Brujaria, the decor ladders up to the aesthetic the company's created for itself.

A print of the famous Animal Chin graphic swapped for the more sinister Zodiac sketch.

Decks and shirts.

A beautiful Sharon Tate cruiser. Rest in peace.