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1. When you blaze too much, and lose control of your penis. 2. Getting too horny and high at the same time, and popping some massive chub.

Fucking oath, someone take the bong away from Wyatt, he's sporting a killer weed-boner

by scagster February 04, 2005

weed fairy

a mysterious entity who leaves weed for you when you least expect it.

if you are good and share your weed, the weed fairy comes when you are in need

if you are bad and don't share a bit, the weed fairy will come and take your shit.

by xeroblaze December 07, 2006


The ability to recognize/detect the smell of weed anywhere or on anyone who has just been smoking it. Like the word "gaydar," but only with weed.

Damn!You late for work again and....what's that smell? Fuck man! my weedar went crazy when you walked into the room.

by Nelao1hotchick January 25, 2008

Marijuana Cum Shot

When you vape an entire bowl into one bag and then squeeze all the vapor into someone's face. This person has two options. The swallow (breath in) or spit it out (cover his face).

Jon gave me an insane Marijuana Cum Shot last night.

by teriyakichild August 19, 2012


Incidents or actions that took place as a consequence of the participants being high on "reefer." Usually reefercussions is used to describe an undesirable event or action, but not always.

I've got some serious reefercussions after last night. Apparently I made five pizzas.

by Edward the third January 14, 2011