The TSA Is Your New Favorite Instagram

Why is the TSA your new favorite? Search us.

The TSA's Instagram account can no longer be ignored. In past weeks, elements within the Kind's editorial structure have resisted inclusion of the TSA's social media account in our New Favorite Instagram feature on the grounds that, "This shit has been seen everywhere already" and also "fuck the TSA."

Two recent events have overridden those objections. One: An interaction with Transportation Security Administration personnel while attempting to board an international flight heightened editorial awareness that this is an organization of such magnificent and proud incompetence that it must be acknowledged.

Two: As reported by the Cannabist, the TSA recently lifted a grenade-shaped weed grinder, full of weed, off a wanna-be passenger at California's Sacramento International Airport. How can we pretend that did not happen?

So scroll below for more items seized and displayed by the TSA that seem to indicate a fundamental lack of prowess.

The TSA page has 402K followers. The TSA is following 58. Let's hope the Kind never ends up on that followed list.

Remember, if you are surprised that the TSA's photos often bear hallmarks of incompetence, you have not attempted to board a commercial air flight lately.

Here's that mis-focused photo of a grenade-like grinder:

It looks like the TSA destroyed a perfectly functional mouse.

Is it really a good idea for the TSA dog to be piloting a vehicle without a seatbelt?

Shouldn't the TSA be eating lunch on its own time?

Is it right that the TSA pokes its fingers into passenger pies?

The TSA does not like Black Oak Arkansas.

Somebody has wasted a perfectly good jar of peanut butter.

How many violated primary principles of photography can you count in this one photo?


Dear, TSA: We are not the enemy. Don't point that thing this way.