This New Grocery App Finds You the Cheapest Munchies

And pay you!! $$$$

Statistics show that the only people who really get their groceries delivered are rich people, duh. The rest of us are still strolling, hungry, up and down grocery store aisles buying shitty foods and Flaming Hot Cheetos on our own.

But there’s a new app that make online grocery shopping easy, kind of fun, and way affordable. It’s called Basket, and people are actually saving money by using it. Sounds like the perfect time to get a bucket of sour cream and onion dip, in a rain storm, when you're super high and watching reruns of Gilmore Girls because you know you’ll get the absolute best deal. A shame-free way to buy your own munchies, folks. 

The app is sort of like Waze (the crowd-driven traffic app), and it tasks shoppers with filling in information about products at local stores. By now, there’s so much info in that data base that if you simply make a shopping list in the app, you’ll be directed to the closest, and cheapest place to purchase your goods.

From CNN Money

Basket is more of a utility tool. Anyone can enter a grocery shopping list into the app, which is free to download and available on Android and iOS. Basket will calculate which local store offers the most savings for that particular excursion.

So, if you want to know where to get the cheapest bean dips or Tostitos, load up your munchie list in the app, and get going. There’s something so special and magical about paying less than you anticipated, or at least knowing you’re getting the most for your buck.

And projections say that kind-of crowd-driven data apps are on the rise and flourishing. So it seems Basket is only heating up and here to stay. For a while, at least.

And if you’re up for a challenge, and sick of playing Pokemon Go, the app will pay you (yep!) to actually contribute grocery product information to its database. Maybe this sounds boring, but you can actually just get FREE SNACKS if you’ve got even a little extra time on your hands. Think of it as a stoned scavenger hunt with a gallon of ice cream (and prize money!).