Weekend Spoiler Report: Book Bong, Stoner Sloth Disaster, More

Weekend weed stories and other news headlines.

Legal Bud Biz Turns to Blockchain Over Banks
Without being able to store money in banks and with credit card companies refusing to process cannabis transactions, legal weed retailers are often left without options of storing financial assets largely held in cash. Digital currency startups are stepping up to fill the perceived void. [New York Times]

Stoner Sloth Cost Australian Taxpayers $350K
The anti-weed public service campaign featuring a lovable, kind-of-fucking-creepy stoned sloth reportedly cost Australian taxpayers $350,000, with nearly $100,000 being spent on production alone. The campaign, described as a major failure, might become one of the most memorable unsuccessful attempts at making pot look stupid. Ever. [The Guardian

Raphael Mechoulam Is the 'Father of Cannabis'
The 85-year-old scientist is credited as the first person to discover the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol a/k/a THC. [VICE]

This Little Kid Ate a Weed Cookie and Went to the Hospital
Oregon boy, Jackson Hart got lit after he found what his family said was a cookie, infused with 50 mg of THC, on the ground during a hike. For anyone else, this would be a totally sweet find. For the unknowing eight-year-old Hart, not so much. The boy told his local radio station: “I grabbed it, and it was heavy; so I looked inside, and it was a cookie, and I ate it, and it was not a good cookie." [WTVR]

How to Make a Bong Out of a Book
Broadly writer Mira Gonzales takes being a MacGyver stoner to an entirely new and literary level. In this piece, the poet and pot head crafts smoking apparatus out of books, fruit, and even a cake. [Broadly]

The DEA Is Storing Drug Evidence So Sloppy You Could Steal It
According to findings from an investigation launched by the Justice Department, the Drug Enforcement Administration is "
not properly documenting, tracking or relocating its intake of seized drugs."[Government Executive]

This Is all the Ways Humans Have Smuggled Drugs Inside of Food
From cocaine in pineapples to chocolate meth––humans have been hiding and smuggling drugs inside of different food for years. [MUNCHIES]