Cannabis Yoga Retreats Are the Newest Best Bachelorette Party

Stop puking with your gals, and just get high and limber already.

Maybe it’s time to rethink the booze-infused bachelorette party where a bunch of women are puking at brunch, or in hotel bushes. Instead of dreading a weekend full of hangovers, misspent cash, and binge eating, why not gather together your girls for a weekend of yoga and dank weed? A smoke and stretch getaway might actually be restful and good for your soul. You might leave on Monday without those thoughts that your entire body will fall apart and take weeks to partially recover. 

If the idea of multi-day celebrating with a group of women is unattractive unless seriously partying, it might just be worth it to get super high, enjoy some quality nature time with friends, booze a bit if you must, eat healthy meals, and submit to unlimited yoga sessions that will change your life. Or at least, for one long weekend, you might just free your mind. 

With the rise of legal weed, especially in Colorado, yogis everywhere are providing yoga fans with weekend and weeklong retreats that feature class instruction, good food, massages, friendships, and in some cases, a didgeridoo, and the best part—lots of weed. You can smoke it, eat it, do whatever you want with it. These yoga retreats are all about enhancing your yoga and your life with cannabis products. It’s a major judgment-free zone; so get as weird as you want. 

The weed-yoga combo is nothing knew to yogis and serious weed heads, only now, with full-on cannabis yoga retreats popping up all over the world, for a couple hundred bucks or up to a couple thousand, you are being pitched to take a yoga trip of a lifetime, with all the weed you can ingest.

Dee Dussault, founder and teacher at Ganja Yoga in San Francisco, incorporates cannabis in her classes, and now offers weeklong yoga retreats too. She has complimentary cannabis at every class, and supports women in the cannabis industry by offering a free first class. Dussault says her classes are slow yoga classes made for any body with any experience with yoga or weed.

From Dussault's site

“We have complimentary Co2 vape pens and organic joints on Wednesdays, vape pens and superfood edibles on Thursdays. You’re also welcome to bring your own.” 

You can go hit up Dussault’s cannabis yoga retreat for a long weekend, for about $500. Just an hour outside San Francisco (and surrounded by serious nature), the retreat is a real getaway in Inverness, California. Your all-girls weekend includes organic meals, yoga, and a ton of cannabis products. And you’ll stay in cute, shared cottages. Dreamy, right? 

It’s no surprise that cannabis-yoga-filled weekends are popping up all over the vast natural landscapes of Colorado. Not only is are the retreats a cash cow, but they fill a void that was once so far fetched and illegal. The best yoga retreats are usually set amid some kind of sprawling nature, the kind that helps you relax and remove yourself from your everyday life. Just add weed, and it might be the perfect trip.

Twisted Sister Yoga (the weediest yoga girls in Colorado) offers a Ganja Yoga Retreat on a small and comfortable resort in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Like all other yoga retreats, you’ll spend time unwinding, chilling, aligning, meditating. Once you're chilled the fuck out, you’ll head to one of Colorado’s finest marijuana dispensary, DANK, for a VIP meet-and-greet where you’ll learn about (and consume) some edibles. Then, more yoga.

There’s the Sacred Marijuana and Meditation Retreat outside of Portland, Oregon, that promises similar weedy-yoga chilled-out retreats. The Sacred retreat focuses on Buddhism, meditation, and mindfulness, and also the traditional and sacred uses of marijuana in various cultures. So, you can smoke weed, get enlightened, and yoga yourself to happiness, all for $800.

There’s even a retreat in Jamaica that offers yoga, ganja, and inner peace. It also offers great food, and … nightly didgeridoo by the beach. 

Perhaps these yoga retreats are reserved for quality-friend-time weekends, and not for focused and insanely dedicated yogis. If you ask some yogis, they’ll say that smoking weed and doing yoga goes against the logic of yoga.

Julie Phillips-Turner, founder of Chesapeake Yoga & Wellness, tells DOYOUYOGA:

The feelings produced by use of marijuana is known in yoga as “maya” or a veil of illusion. The use of marijuana is a sign that you are searching for a real life experience. Using an external source to assist with that experience is only masking the real experience that can be found within.

Still there are plenty of yogis, like Dussault, who are changing the way we practice yoga entirely, including heated yoga (which btw is totally a western thing). And most yogis claim that you need to do whatever you can to be calm, present, and comfortable while you're bending and stretching; so you better just do you. And a yoga retreat with weed might just be the thing for you, and your favorite bride-to-be, doing yourselves.

"We’re not going to get into an altered state of consciousness then show off our arm balances. Ganja Yoga is about experiencing something beautiful and trippy and cool inside yourself. Most of the time our eyes are all closed; so it’s about relaxing in an introverted way, without caring what others are doing," explains Dussault on her site

So the next time you’re forced to pay hundreds of dollars on a binge-drinking, bloated, uncomfortable-shoe-wearing bachelorette party weekend, consider a weed-fueled mega chill session instead. All you need is a pre-roll or edible of choice, a nice quiet space, your girl gang, and an open mind. For once, maybe everyone can actually relax before a wedding.