Flower Potions Might Cure Every Emotional Problem

Flower power, literally.

Listen, rose water baths just don’t cut it anymore. If you want to get down with some real flower-healing power, then you might want to jump on the latest trend in soul-soothing treatments: ingesting flower potions.

Flower tinctures are not new, in fact, Bach’s Flower Remedies (the go-to source for flower recipes) has been around since the 1930s, and while Bach's always presented a holistic approach to all kinds of emotional issues, its processes are starting to come back in a major way. Basically, these flower essences are a natural form of stress relief, or so claim the tincture lovers. After you ingest them, they go straight to work on your emotional and mental state—and they bring a whole lot of calm and peace.

Unlike cannabis blossoms, this flower medicine won’t make you trip. Instead, the flowers work solely on an energetic level where no discernible physical changes occur. It’s the mental changes, the kind that might leave you chill and clear, that keep people turning to flowers.

Feeling shitty about yourself, or your body? Have a negative self-image? Try Crab Apple. There’s a flower for every doubt, and out of the classic 38 flower essence bottles, there’s a ton of combinations that can make you feel your very best. Each flower treats specific emotions like grief, anger, jealousy, and sadness. Hey, combine them all if you’re having a really shitty day.

You can start off your new self by buying flower remedies at Whole Foods, fancy boutique flower water shops, or splurge for a Bach Flower Essence Practitioner. Yeah, that’s a thing—the real-deal person who can assess which flowers will cure which ailments. If it sounds kooky, you might be right, but a lot of people swear that it works.

Gabriela Herstik, a witchcraft enthusiast, drank flower essences for two weeks under the guidance of a flower practitioner. She said it zenned her the fuck out:

The flowers worked for me on an energetic level, subtly at first and then with more gravity. And let me say, there wasn’t a singular “aha” moment for me while I was taking the essences. It’s not that the flowers are a bandage for the work that you have to do energetically. Instead, they act as a guide, a reminder to slow down and witness how you’re feeling.

If you’re really interested in this, maybe not just the trend or the pre-packaged flower waters that you can get in L.A., you might truly consider carving out some time and cash for a flower practitioner consultation. Most of the women who claim to reap life-changing benefits have a spirit guide along the way.

Ruby Warrington needed a break from the hustle of her daily life, and since she started taking flowers, under the care of a flower lady, she’s said it feels like everything is just going her way, every day:

Over the following 18 or 19-day period, it’s true that things quieted down on the deadline front. But the change in outlook—and “in-look”—I was able to report back to Kerri in our second session went beyond this external change in circumstances. The best word to describe how I felt I was coming to see things is “acceptance”—of myself, of my surroundings and of the challenges I still faced.

While all this might sound like a major placebo effect, and it might very well be, who really cares? It’s bringing people a lot of joy, and they are living practically anxiety free. Didn’t you say you were going to de-stress this year? Hey, it’s worth a shot, right?