Gifts for Every Weedy Woman on Your Holiday List

Weed stuff and other cool stuffs too.

'Tis the season for giving away cool weed and wellness products to your friends and family, because let's be honest, it's really what they want! Don't be fooled by generic, basic, and non-cannabis-friendly gifts. Make sure that this year, you fill your friends' stockings with smokeable, edible weedy things to make their 2017 the best year ever. And it's always nice to throw in a few things that will make their lives better like magic candles, fancy body things, and—always—good-smelling things. Because duh. 

PremaFlora Sampler

Give the gift of the ultimate collection of artisan sungrown cannabis flowers from boutique farms throughout Northern California. Think that sounds fancy? Well it is! Smoking moms like this kind of shit; so get it fast. They deliver to  San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley. if you join the (amazing) collective. Buy it here

Moon Juice Sex Dust

Apparently, this super-popular dust will make you horny and alive in bed. Its edible formula is alchemized to bring your sexy back, and/or nourishes your sexual vigor. Add it to milk, to your favorite tea, but beware: You'll want to get it on like Donkey Kong. Buy it here

Eastern Sun Double Arc Lighter

These fuel-free, extremely chic lighters comes in many colors, including a magical iridescent, sea creature color. They are charged by a USB charger (included) and can last up to 50 lights per charge. It's techy, it's cool, it's a way to light your joints. What more could you need? Buy it here

Elektric Alice Soy Quartz Crystal Candle

Soothing candle + healing quartz = full-on chill session. These cool candles are hand poured with soy wax and fragrance oils, and these fuckers burn for 75 hours; so just imagine all the deep healing ahead. Burn when smoking. Buy it here

Alchemy Holiday Wellness Pack

This super-cool made-for-the-holidays pack includes your choice of four or two aromatic, cannabis oil, and botanical extract vaporizer cartridges. This is the best way to get through the depressing, calorie-charged, panic of the holidays. Pack includes 750mg cartridges and battery in a pretty, sweet carrying case. Buy it here

Sweetflag Crackle Quartz Wand

Quartz is one of those magic crystals that claims to clarify thought processes and emotions and enhance inspiration and creativity. So why not smoke out of this magical pipe and reap some serious benefits?  Each pipe is made by hand from a unique powerful crystal wand and you might get as high as a real wizard-stoner-witch. Buy it here

Glacial Coast Detox Mask

Folks have been using Glacial Marine Clay for centuries for its healing and purifying properties. This mask cleanses and purifies the pores with crazy ocean things that will make your skin supple and refreshed. This mask might even shrink your pores so uh, yes please! Buy it here

Jane West x Puffingtons Golf Set

Jane West partnered with Puffingtons to create the perfect on-the-course smoke set for the friend in your life who knows that the grass is always greener (on and off the course, of course!). Sleek, trendy, silly, and utterly perfect for a golf/weed lover who likes to sneak a toke on the green. Buy it here

Haciendaware Ombre Pipe

This is handmade in Los Angeles by artist Meredith Arthur, and it's made of cast stoneware. The air-brushed satin glaze reminds us of tropical sunsets. Puff on your favorite weed in the chicest pipe in town, and keep this thing out in the open for all to see. Buy it here

Ali and Ilana Candle

Obviously, you need this, and so does your bestie. Light it up, and good things will come. Light it up, and you might just feel brave enough to peg your boyfriend. Burn it for the magical powers of love and good vibes. Especially get this candle going when you are Skype-smoking with your friends. Comes in organic beeswax too. Buy it here

Le Labo Home Diffuser

Yo this electric home diffuser is made from the reclaimed wood of New York’s water tanks, and this (really fucking fancy and cool-looking) nebulizer will transform Le Labo's Santal 26 (greatest scent of all time !!) fragrance oil into a fine mist that will flow through your house, and maybe your veins. Combats dank weed smells. Buy it here

Baggu x Tetra Travel Kit

Every single thing you need to be a toker on the go. Tetra's own unbleached hemp rolling papers, plus an innovative white bronze Fog Pin for packing and fine-tuning; a flameless Slide lighter in gold; a green translucent acrylic box for storage; and a jewel-like bottle of Japanese eye drops as a finishing touch. The gift that just keeps giving. Buy it here

Edible Beauty Green Goddess Detox Tea

This shit will make you well as fuck. Add one teaspoon of this magic mixture to boiling water and steep for up to eight minutes for maximum detox. These natural goods are ethically sourced botanicals that are safe enough to eat and nurturing for the whole body. Get this for the girl who needs a break. Buy it here

KIVA Chocolates

Umm, this is some really tasty chocolate made from the purest ingredients, including 15 mg of THC to get you just the right amount of high. The chocolates are pretty as fuck, and they are creamy and silky too. It's the best way to indulge.  Buy it here

UMA Wellness Oil

If you're trying to ditch your daily caffeine intake (err addiction) try finding mental clarity and energy from this (delightfully scented) UMA oil. It's full of energizing rosemary essential oil that enhances mental alertness and alleviates symptoms of fatigue. There's stimulating peppermint to boost alertness and mental acuity. No crashing. All kinds of clarity up in here. Buy it here

Chaga Box

This mushroom elixir is basically a magic powder that will naturally boost your immunity and give you amazing skin and hair. You just mix it into your favorite drink (seriously booze is prolly fine too) and reap the amazing benefits of this wild-crafted mushroom mix. Btw, it's made only of certified vegan ingredients like the magical Chaga shroom. Buy it here

Glossier Lip Gloss

It's true that this is the glossiest of gloss, and just maybe the trendiest non-goopy goop for your pout. It's simple, it works, it smells good, it looks cool, and it's sans glitter. Makes your lips look real wet and juicy when they are pursed around a party blunt. Buy it here

Mountain Medicine Honey Sticks

Honey sticks make everyone's life just a little sweeter, especially when they can get you a little bit high. This is cold-pressed, local Highland Honey from Boulder County infused with cannabis oil. It goes great on s'mores, in your tea, or right in your mouth. Buy it here

Sure, the holiday season is about more than gifts, but if you can gift the ladies in your life something thoughtful and beneficial to their lives, that's the greatest gift of all, wouldn't you say?