Inside the Pinterest-Perfect World of Upscale Cannabis Weddings

Say goodbye to Jordan almonds.

While we are a nation of divorce, elective singledom, or lifelong partnerships without the tax break or a diamond ring, plenty of people are still marching down the aisle to declare their eternal love. So, while the pace and percentages are slowing down on people getting married, there’s still a scary number that says half of America is living in some state of matrimony. Meaning, people are still having weddings, despite cultural, legal, political, and *ahem* probability-of-divorce stats.

It should be no surprise that weddings are expensive. Throwing a party for 100 people, tacked on with that hefty “wedding tax” (tell a caterer you need to feed 100 people for a graduation and the cost seems to drop a lot), is no easy feat. Still, ladies and gents all around the country aren’t just buying into the old-folks tale of the most important part of any marriage being the happily ever after. Today's matrimonial couples are literally spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to celebrate their nuptials. Wedding costs are at an all-time high. In 2015, the average cost was about $30,000 for a moderate shebang.

One shift in wedding planning maybe accounts for the absurd piles of money lovers pay for weddings: Research shows that couples are aiming to make these events highly personalized, unlike their parent’s and grandparent’s weddings of yesteryear. Today's bride and groom are not down with formulaic, cookie-cutter weddings. They want—demand!—all the (expensive) personal touches and special effects that prove they are fucking serious about getting married. And it’s going to fucking last forever!

Whatever the motivation for nuptial uniqueness—hey maybe it’s just the nature of the millennials up to bat now—there’s a push for cannabis-themed weddings. Oh, and a lot of doughnut wedding cakes.

If you stroll through Pinterest, there are boards and accounts dedicated to the most sophisticated of weed weddings. More and more couples, especially the ones around the Denver area where weed weddings are legal, are dedicating their wedding decor, flowers, food, party favors, and theme to their love for the herb.

Instead of spending thousands on amazing wines from faraway fancy places for their weddings, brides are ditching the booze and heading right for the bud.

Not too long ago, a Denver couple went viral for having the first-ever (known) bud tender at a wedding. Yep—a bartender of sorts sat around in a fancy-as-fuck tent, handing out perfectly rolled joints of your favorite size and flavor to enjoy at the couple’s wedding weed bar. There were some hangups. Because the event was held on private property without a liquor license, the couple couldn’t serve up booze to classical drunk uncles and alcoholic aunts. Still, the bud went over well, hit the Internet with viral force, and ignited a trend that so far, is on the rise. 

But with weed, the Pinterest-ready wedding rules still apply: keep it classy, keep it simple, and keep it subtle.

Wedding trends can be annoying, and full of terrible things like mason jars and burlap, or (right now) copper and garlands.

"[Couples] are looking for ways large and small to make their wedding their own. Oftentimes, that means re-inventing things,” Lauren Iannotti, executive editor at Brides magazine, told CNN Money

And weed seems to be the right answer.

Today there are dedicated weed wedding planners, 420-friendly photographers, and venues (in legal states, mostly Colorado right now) that are ready to make your wedding a weedy one. And planning the cannabis-rich wedding event is no big secret either.

Bec Koop is the owner of Cannabis Concierge Events, and she’s capitalizing on getting weed at weddings. “We’re finding the right vendors and venues and people who are at least open-minded to cannabis and finding the ways that people are allowed to incorporate it and enjoy it—ice bongs, vape stations, bud bars, pre-loaded bowls, joints, whatever the circumstances may be,” Koop told the Cannabist.

And last year, Love and Marij (her motto: cannabis is the new champagne) hosted the first-ever Cannabis Wedding Expo in Denver. The event was open to the public for $20 a ticket. Future brides browsed pot-themed decor, vendors, ideas, planners, etc. etc. etc. Featured speakers discussed things like how to pair weed with food, and cannabis consumption safety. 

The turnout was better than Love and Marij had expected. The market for this upscale, perfectly manicured, weed-themed wedding is not only here, it’s booming. And, while Colorado limits how much weed you can actually serve, you can still do it, and right alongside alcohol now. The only real risk is offending Great Grandmother Lucy.

Broadly’s staff writer Gabby Bess on the inaugural Cannabis Wedding Expo in Denver:

"The event was heavily populated with members of the weed industry, but there were, of course, civilian couples genuinely looking for wedding inspiration. One couple I spoke to had an all-weed-everything wedding in the works. The bride planned to have a custom-made wedding gown made from an abstracted pattern of the weed strain she and her husband grow, Cherry Kush. Her wedding colors are purple and gold, like the THC crystals on the strain, and they said pictures of the strain would also be hung at the reception as artwork.“ 

But with weed, the Pinterest-ready wedding rules still apply: Keep it classy, keep it simple, and keep it subtle.

You don’t want to be the person with weed socks on your wedding day, at least, according to Pinterest, and well, common sense. Take a quick scroll of "weed wedding" in the Pinterest database, and a lot of scary, bad things appear. Like wedding dresses with pot-leaf appliqués, or floating candles with vases of weed bushes. There are marijuana rings, pot leaf hair clips, and brightly-colored tie-dyed weed ties, and munchie tables.

Luckily, there are plenty of brands now that cater to the bougiest of weed fanatics. Whether super high ~fashun~ Beboe vapes are your thing, or you're more of a boutique chocolate person, there are plenty of ways to combine cannabis and class on your special day. So when assessing the pretty pictures, the viral weddings, and the weddings you’ll actually want to attend, take a tip from the people with the cash and the style: You can most certainly have weed at your wedding without looking like a teenager gone wild.