Noor Tagouri Is the First Woman to Wear a Hijab in 'Playboy'

Sorry not sorry.

In Playboy’s recent quest to eliminate all nude photos and add more serious substance to its pages, the magazine's latest cover has some people rejoicing. The issue features Muslim-American journalist and activist Noor Tagouri wearing a hijab. She’ll be the first woman wearing a hijab in Playboy’s 63-year history.

The issue comments on people who have risked their lives to do what they love, and Tagouri is no stranger to risk and reward. She graduated college at 20 and set out to be the first person wearing a hijab on TV and in mainstream American media. She’s even talked about it in a moving TEDx Talk, duh.

From Playboy

For anyone with preconceived ideas about women who choose to wear a headscarf every day, Noor Tagouri is disorienting. She’s simply not what you expect: a 22-year-old journalist (she likes to call herself a storyteller) on the verge of becoming this country’s first hijab-wearing news anchor. As of June, she's an on-air reporter for Newsy, where she provokes the sort of confusion we could use right now, in part by making a surprisingly bold case for modesty.

Aside from her mega fanbase online, of course Tagouri has some haters too. But she’s shrugging them off and moving right on with her life.

"I just do the best I can to not worry about people who get upset because they don’t like something that I wear or say,” she told Playboy.

If you’re not watching her Newsy posts, you’ll want to check her out on Youtube and Instagram, for well, some real inspiration.