Science Says Women Live Longer Among Nature (Probably Weed)

The future is female, bro. And green.

A recent study from the Environmental Health Perspectives revealed that women who lived with nearby greens, trees, and vegetation (i.e.: yards) were likely to live a lot longer than those women who don’t have the privilege of nature, yards, safe and beautiful parks, or ocean-side living.

The study comes with no surprise, right? It seems obvious that living with nature is good for the soul (and all that stuff). 

From Bustle:

Researchers from the Brigham and Women's Hospital and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health used data from over 106,000 American women to compare each one's risk of mortality with the level of greenery around their homes (the latter of which was obtained via satellite imagery). The data, compiled from 2000 to 2008, showed a clear correlation between lower mortality rates and those living in greener surroundings. Women who were surrounded by nature reportedly had a whopping 34 percent lower rate of respiratory-related diseases and deaths, as well as a 13 percent lower rate of deaths from cancer. But the correlation wasn't just specific to those types of conditions. Women who lived in the greenest surroundings also had a lower mortality rate overall—a full 12 percent lower than those living in the least green areas.

Of course, no one is really talking about class or money here. Hey, basically if you’re poor, and/or a woman, you might just live in a concrete jungle with little to no access for all that yoga in the park shit. And as it always goes, you might just die a lot earlier than those living among nature, or you might have a higher risk of suffering from depression.

But if you’re lucky enough to have choices in your life, you might want to ditch a big, expensive city and head to the woods.

And until recently, growing weed, selling weed, doing anything related to weed was thought to be left to men. But now it's women who are the brains behind grow operations, weed products, advocacy, and more in the marijuana industry.

These ladies are onto something big; a lot of them at least, live in and grow weed in the most nature-friendly places on earth like California, Oregon, and Washington state. According to science, it seems they’ve figured out how to live life for longevity.

The perfect combination to live forever (if you’re a woman): Live in fields of green, smoke weed, and enjoy every minute of sunshine, trees, parks, ocean, blue skies, etc., and try to remember just how lucky you really are.

Nature is truly the best medicine.