Women's Lib: Marissa Ross Talks Wine

If you were ever looking for the human embodiment of a damn good time, you’ll find it in one Marissa A. Ross. The LA-based writer, blogger and wine enthusiast comes at you like a shock to the system, laughing loud and big and welcoming you into her world with open arms. And this generous spirit combined with truly killer taste has made her a go-to in the world of wine, thanks to her popular wine reviewing blog Wine. All The Time and companion web series, “Wine Time.” Her reviews are filled with actually useful tips about how to appreciate and buy wine, intended for those of us who feel outside of the wine world and it’s nose-turned-up attitude. 

Not only that, but she writes earnestly and honestly about her life outside of wine consumption, even laying bare how she was down to her last chunk of money from having been a personal assistant tracking towards TV writing when she flew herself to New York last year and ended up landing a substantial book deal. The book, titled “Unwined” will hit shelves in 2017 and, in the meantime, Ross stays busy with her own beloved blog, contributing to Vice Munchies and appearing on prestigious lists like Wine Enthusiast’s 40 Under 40 and winning Saveur Magazine’s Blog Award for “Best Wine Coverage.” TheKind had the chance to visit Ross at her airy LA home, where she passes along some of her best wine tips before bringing us along to one of her fave wine destinations, Silverlake Wine, for a tasting.