Women's Lib: Miss Bliss Talks Bliss Edibles and Ganja Goddesses

This elevated baker is on a mission to lift us all.

Deidra Bagdasarian, a/k/a Miss Bliss, was a baker by trade and a medical marijuana advocate with Phoenix NORML before she moved to California to help start the award-winning Bliss Edibles in 2009. Besides running Bliss, Bagdasarian, a mom of two, recently launched a marijuana event company MYM or “Maximize Your Medicine.” One of MYM’s first events was the recent (very popular), Ganja Goddess Getaway, a female-focused retreat that allows women who enjoy cannabis a chance to commune with each other and explore new ways to celebrate the magic of marijuana.

KINDLAND: How did you become Miss Bliss?
Deidra Bagdasarian: Oh, wow! How far back do I go? Okay, so I had been running Bliss Edibles for about a year when we won the High Time Cannabis Cup. At the time, I was also teaching an edibles course at Oaksterdamn, and one of my former students goes, “Hey, Miss Bliss!” And everybody is like, “Miss Bliss!” They just started calling me that, and I liked it. I liked the concept of being called Bliss, and both my names, Deidra and Bagdasarian, are kind of a mouthful; so I love the simplicity. 

A lot of people will never try a bong because it is drug paraphernalia. But no one is afraid of a cupcake! 

KINDLAND: Why edibles?
Deidra Bagdasarian: Edibles, I think, are going to be the key to cannabis normalization in our culture. Edibles appeal to everyone, right? They are food! So food is pretty universal. There are people who have never tried a joint because it looks like a cigarette. A lot of people will never try a bong because it is drug paraphernalia. But no one is afraid of a cupcake! Edibles are discrete. Also, they really maximize your medicine. You get like every drop of THC; nothing burns off. It’s really the most efficient way to consume the plant and get the most out of it and make the high last longer, and I think the effects are better.

KINDLAND: You’ve recently started an event company, Maximize Your Medicine, or MYM. What was the motivation behind this?
Deidra Bagdasarian: MYM started at the beginning of this year. So less than a year, and here it is. The thing is, I read Mindy Kaling’s book, Why Not Me?, and in her book she said, “Write your own part.” She said there were no leading ladies in Hollywood that called for (as she self-describes) “a chubby Indian actress,” but she is like, “There was nowhere for me; so I wrote my own part.”

That concept changed my perspective of how to get my message out there. I was like, “All right, I am going to do it. I'm going to write my own part.” I have something to say about cannabis, and no one is asking me to say it—as much as I want to say it—so I will start my own event company where I can tell the story of cannabis that I want to tell.

We need to stop being ashamed and hiding. We need to stop living in fear.

Because all of the cannabis institutions right now are designed to teach you about the cannabis business, I feel there are not a lot of people talking about the fact that cannabis needs to be normalized in our culture. We need to stop being ashamed and hiding. We need to stop living in fear, and instead say, “Oh this is a tool in our toolbox.” It is medicine inside and out. So my message for years has been just to ease suffering and to do whatever I can in the world to ease suffering. I think cannabis is the best thing I have found in my life to do this.

KINDLAND: What kinds of events do you want to focus MYM on?
Deidra Bagdasarian: From the beginning, I thought the cornerstone of our company would be this Maximize Your Medicine conference (which has yet to happen, but is planned for the future). However, while pursuing that project there came the opportunity to throw the first Ganja Goddess Getaway, and that has taken off like a rocket! It has just exploded in popularity and community and growth. It is organically growing in a way I never could have imagined. Women are offering to contribute to the community in so many creative and significant ways. I just did not ever expect that. When I went to one of my teachers at this last retreat to pay them, they handed it back to me and said, “I want to donate this to the cause because I believe so much in what is happening here.” It is crazy! So my point is I cannot help but direct my energy toward something that is just pulsating with life.

Do it now! Do not wait! If you want this, do it now! It will never be available as it is right this minute.

We already have a date for a second event and two tentative dates for a third and a fourth event. Because I believe so much in the power of women to create social change, I love directing my effort toward the Ganja Goddess Getaway.

KINDLAND: Since you started Bliss Edibles, have you seen women’s role change in the cannabis business?
Deidra Bagdasarian: Well, there are women in the cannabis business now! I have pictures of our early days in California, and it’s just me and a bunch of dudes. For years, it was me and a bunch of dudes, because that was all of our friends. That was all we were meeting in dispensaries as vendors and people we were working with. So we were making relationships with men only. But the past few years have seen completely 100-percent female-directed cannabis products. That is brand-new!

KINDLAND: Any advice for women who want to join the cannabis industry?
Deidra Bagdasarian: (Laughing) Do it now! Do not wait! If you want this, do it now! It will never be available as it is right this minute. It is only getting more competitive. Not that there will not always be room for you at the table, but just, “Carpe diem!”

KINDLAND: With the female market for cannabis growing more and more every day, what do you see as the future for women and cannabis?
Deidra Bagdasarian: I think that cannabis is so gigantic of an industry that there will be as many products for women as there are for men. As this continues to normalize…the sky is the limit! Because cannabis relates to happiness. When you get those two together, you can cover every facet of reality (laughing).